Some thoughts:

Gnosticism doesn’t exist and never did. There seems to exist a wide gap between academic consensus and what’s available from YouTube content uploaders.

Also- Kubrick synched Eyes Wide Shut to The Shining. The co-vid revelation is a real thing. Imagination is a truth bearing faculty. Stacked transparencies of inspired art and film reveal fourth dimensional intelligence/ contact. It’s kind of a big deal.

Luke removes the lightsaber speck from 3po’s eye in the a new hope lightsaber reveal scene- looks closely- this is Christian symbolism, not kiddy Campbell’s new age broth for the no souls.

If you look close, you’ll see the linen on Obi-Wan’s shoulder appears to have been ripped and patched. Looks like Obi-Wan lost his stripes. Probably for hanging around these little kids.

Yoda (Yoga/A Goy) is obviously a creepy hebephile in exile. The entire Jedi order temps damaged children into their order in the pattern of the Catholic Church.

“I can’t, it’s too big”

“Size matters not. Judge me by my size, do you?”

Lifts filthy mud packed phallus shaped ship from swamp.

Maybe Luke was exiled for the incestuous contact with his sister.

The rampant hebephilia and sexualization of teens in Hollywood symbolism is disturbing.

The finale of the most recent season of HBO’s adaptation of “his dark materials” turned what looked like an interesting story of inter dimensional spiritual warfare into a bait and switch where Christianity is blamed for oppressing our heroic particle physicist’s (go materialism!) sexuality/love as secular and atheist viewers immediately following watch voyeuristic animal demons hide in trees and observe teenagers lose their virginity.

The language and symbolism of blade runner 2049 suggests the Nabokov references to pale fire and “skin jobs” / “skinners” (prison slang for child molester) and the hidden memory of KD hiding his Pokey in the orphanage basement are also symptomatic of this trending co-creative mythopoetic imagination everybody has opinions about lately.

So many myth interpretations but nobody hears her.

Pistis Sophia…

Reel Pissed

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Symbolism for Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars (approaching its quarantina anniversary next month) is also embedded in the 9/11 event in Manhattan. Look closely at the second tower to fall - it has a radio tower atop it nearly identical to Anakin’s saber. That’s a bluebeam technology. We don’t talk about the tuned mass dampers or they’ll tune your mass diaper. Star Wars is the Arts wars and the ray gun wars are all signs- cocreated imaginative mythopoetic symbolism in the illusory world we live which is itself co-scripted- Obi wandering the desert of the reel…

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