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New Course on Rudolf Steiner

Feb. 11 - April 1

The link to enroll:

Come with us for an 8 week journey through the mind of the great German mystic and philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). We will examine the influence upon him of German Idealist thought and watch how he synthesizes this tradition with the Hermetic tradition of the teachings of Rosicrucianism and other occult practices.

The course begins on Saturday Feb. 11 at noon MST for two hours and then every subsequent Saturday thereafter until April 1. Classes are recorded so if you miss one no big deal, it will be sent to your email. Also there is another payment option if you prefer only to audit the class and receive the video lectures plus recordings of the two hour discussions, the fee is only $150. For those interested in that option hmu at, where I also do private astrology readings for the same fee. I have posted the first class on You Tube below and above, for my Substack subscribers only, I have also posted the second class:

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